11 Most Shocking Moments Seen Live On Television Screen


11 Most Shocking Moments Seen Live On Television Screen.

We saw many offline videos and documentaries which stunts the whole way. Television is the primary instrument through which everyone becomes able to observe the reality. But, sometimes we see something amazing which later turns into a horrible scene. There are some things which make all of us saying, Alas! And, it becomes imperative due to Shocking Moments which often seen on the television screen live.

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These Shocking Moments depicts all the happiness in a single crush. Where television provides informative and entertaining club, the adverse of this phenomena is also horrible. Some shocking moments caught live which went viral around the world just after the happening of the incident.

So, read and watch all the horrible and Shocking Moments in just one post right here!

11. tsunami in Japan In 2011.

The Tsunami hit Japan in 2011 which led to the destruction of the areas. 13,000 people died in this horrible hit and many people including old, women, and children went missing. $236 billion was the gross destruction of this horrific incident.

10. O.J. Simpson Live Car Chasing Scene.

O.J. Simpson Car Chasing was the utter moment, and the whole world watched this unusual and dramatic scene.

9. Christine Chubbuck Live Suicide On Channel 40.

Christine Chubbuck suicide on Channel 40 turned the Shocking Moments on the tv set. She did it due to depression and some unique values.

8. American President John F. Kennedy Killer Lee Harvey Oswald Live Assassination.

Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy in 1963, and he also killed J.D. Tippit- a police officer. But, when he brought to the jail, a man Jack Ruby shot him to the death for his wrong act.

7. Challenger Shuttle Live Explosion On CNN.

This Challenger Shuttle exploded in just 73 seconds after the take off from the station. The entire world watched one of the Shocking Moments live on the television.

6. Shock And Awe Iraq Operation After The 9/11 Attacks.

Iraq, Shock And Awe operation was the biggest mystery in the history of the world. It was one of the Shocking Moments which made the people inflaming because American forces launched a massive operation in the whole Iraq after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on WTC.

5. Jet Blue Live Emergency Landing.

Jet Blue flight 292 emergency landing attracted the entire universe. It was seen that a plane landed in an emergency which was a horrific incident. But, there was no loss in that emergency runway.

4. Saddam Hussein’s Statue Underground Topple.

In 2003, civilians tried to topple the statue of Saddam Hussein which became one of the Shocking Moments on the live screen.

3. A Tourist Bus Hijacked In Manila And Kept Under Hostage For Almost Ten Hours.

An ex-police officer hijacked the tourist bus in Manila. He kept it under hostage for around eight to ten hours and also killed eight hostages which blew the hot wind in the entire world.

2. Apollo 11 Landing On The Moon

What a fantastic moment when Apollo 11 landed on the moon and 600 million people watched this event live on the television. After that, access to the planet became imperative due to mass research work on the moon.

1. 9/11 Terrorist Attack On The World Trade Center.

The whole world witnessed one of the most Shocking Moments when terrorists attacked through jet on the world trade centre. Two planes suddenly hit with the tallest buildings which turned into a massive destruction and loss.

Which one of these Shocking Moments did you find more horrible?

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