15 fantastic films with an unexpected ending


15 fantastic films with an unexpected ending15 fantastic films with an unexpected ending Although there are thousands of movies out there which have entirely predictable plot lines, you can still find plenty which are uniquely wonderful — that are able to break out of conventional storylines. They can really capture your imagination and stay there for a long time. Here are 15 films which will keep you tensed on the edge of your seat right up until the final minutes.

Twelve Monkeys

In 12 Monkeys, director Terry Gilliam takes us into a fascinating alternative reality where the secrets of time travel have been discovered, and where people are considered mad despite being sane. But it turns out that everything we are led to believe about a vast conspiracy is not as mysterious as it seems — and yet it’s also far more complicated. A film which simply can’t be compared to any other Hollywood blockbuster.


The makers of this movie managed to create a spectacularly vivid thriller. There’s no overdone melodrama here — this is a seriously shot film with great performances. Some of the plot lines, together with the backwards-moving chronology of events and the overall cyclical plot of the film, make it a truly unique experience.

The Butterfly Effect

“Even the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tsunami on the other side of the world”. Mixing together a relatively small budget, relatively unknown actors, a strong plot and a highly skilled director, The Butterfly Effect turns out to be a highly intriguing and unpredictable film. It’s full of sadness, cruelty, disappointment, but at the same time it’s possible to find a positive message in there as well. But you have to search for it.


This is quite simply a fantastic thriller, which is full of mystery. There’s no way you can ever guess the ending until you see it — any hypothesis you come up with while watching it will be instantly disapproved by the end of the following scene. The movie masterfully creates an air of tension as you try to guess who out of literally any of the characters could be the ’wolf in sheep’s clothing’ at the centre of the plot. The fact that the whole series of events in the film take place in unceasing rain only adds to the terrific atmosphere. Plus, the cast is just brilliant.

Source Code

When watching this movie it quickly becomes clear that it has a uniquely philosophical essence which captures your imagination. The idea here doesn’t lie in alternative universes or repetition of past events. What we see here is the importance of the present.

The Box

This movie raises a host of philosophical questions which could take you a long time to resolve. The story of a strange parcel with a button and its mysterious owner, who may be either an alien or a messenger of God, is reminiscent of a parable focusing on the idea of a lack of a definite moral truth to the world. We work and live in boxes. We’re even buried in them. But who’s prepared to press the button?

Old Boy

Old Boy is one of the best examples of the uniquely high-quality movies which have come out of South Korea in recent years. Director Park Chan-wook shows us that life is like a game of chess — you’re only ever one step away from losing it all. Every action that we take, every word that we say, needs to be thought through carefully. Otherwise, it could be checkmate.

Black Swan

A near-perfect psychological drama, with incredible acting, an unbelievable atmosphere, a wonderful soundtrack and a whole host of emotions. It examines the question — ’What is more important: psychological stability or imaginary perfection?’

The Village

Every scene in this movie is a hymn to beauty and colour. Whilst romantic stories are nothing new, what we see here seems so much more intimate and genuine than what you get in your average blockbuster. But this is also a story of fears, manipulation, escapism, and the dream to build a perfect world.

The Ghost Writer

This film is like a labyrinth — a huge one, made up of a multitude of assumptions built up by both the audience and the main character. It’s clear that Roman Polanski wanted to talk about politics here — and it turns out to be better than many of his previous films.

The Illusionist

This is the kind of film you want to rewatch a hundred times. It’s simply genius, the main character’s goal to deceive for the sake of love cannot do anything but impress you. And the twist at the end has rarely been matched in the history of cinema.

Now You See Me

This a spectacular, dynamic and intriguing film. The degree to which the audience is tricked in this film, like the old chest of a magician, turns out to be not just on two, but three layers. The soundtrack is used masterfully to increase the tension at just the right moments.

Gone Girl

With this movie, David Fincher has shot something slightly funny, perhaps a little tacky, but nonetheless utterly captivating. You have no idea how it’s going to end until the very last minute, keeping you in a state of edge-of-the-seat tension for the whole length of the movie. But this tension isn’t caused by fear, but the realisation that anything can happen in life, and even those closest to us can become strangers. An insightful interrogation of modern society’s faults.

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