20 movies every woman should see


20 movies every woman should see Despite what the stereotype tells us, movies appreciated most of all by women are not always just about love. Like women themselves, many of them can be multifaceted and unpredictable. BrightSide.me has already put together one such list of movies for you. But there are so many more, equally impressive ones out there that it was simply impossible to mention all in one go. So here’s a second collection of movies which every woman should see.

My Blueberry Nights

The brilliant acting and faultless camera work in this film from Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai give it an unreal, dreamlike quality. It would be impossible to mention this movie and not give due praise to its soundtrack, without which it would lose a great deal of its charm.


’Stepmom’ is a story of strong emotions, motherhood, devotion, and the struggle we often face to take control of our lives in the face of circumstances beyond our control. A complex movie which lays bare the contradictory personalities of the main characters (played to perfection by Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon) for all to see.

The Painted Veil

A sleepy village lost among the mountains of China is struck by a merciless epidemic of cholera. The relationship between the two main charactes who go there, Walter and Kitty (played by Edward Norton and Naomi Watts), is depicted somewhat differently to how it was described by Somerset Maugham, on whose book this movie is based. Yet it’s still fascinating. A great production from start to finish, every detail helps you better comprehend the fact that true love doesn’t simply blossom in a short-lived burst of passion, but gradually takes root in the mutual striving of two individuals to understand each other…and themselves.

The Hours

’The Hours’ is a deeply complex whirlpool of a film which lets you glimpse something of the mystery hidden in the soul of every woman. Its director hasn’t made any special effort to help the audience understand what’s going on — but that’s no criticism in this case. Instead, it’s for the viewers themselves to ponder the key questions which the movie raises: Why are we so often unhappy? Is happiness actually a whole lot closer than we thought?

Bridget Jones’s Diary

It’s possible to watch the story of Bridget Jones a thousand times and never get tired of it. Preferably, when wrapped in a blanket and with plenty of chocolate by your side.

The Mirror Has Two Faces

A heart-warming and entertaining movie with wonderful acting throughout. Barbra Streisand managed to direct, produce and act in this surprisingly realistic depiction of love.

Love Me If You Dare

A light-hearted but vigorous movie with an unusual plot and intriguing characters. It’s impossible to tell if events unfold the way they do because the characters’ actions are too cruel, or if their feelings are too strong. Don’t spend too much time wondering; just enjoy this film for what it is.

My One and Only

A movie for those who follow their heart rather than their head, filled with a whole host of contrasting but fascinating characters. The story of Ann Deveraux, a less than perfect mother to two sons, is thankfully free of moralising, and instead just shows life as it is.

Sleeping with the Enemy

For some, living in a house by a beautiful lake is a dream; for others, such a place is a gilded cage which they can’t escape from. Thanks to outstanding performances from Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergin, as well as an atmospheric soundtrack, you’ll watch ’Sleeping With the Enemy’ on the edge of your seat.

The English Patient

With ’The English Patient’, director Anthony Minghella didn’t just create an entertaining movie, but also a true guide to life, which doesn’t shy away from depicting the mistakes we’re all capable of making. You’ll be captivated from the first shot: a tiny plane flying over an endless desert. It’s symbolic of the way people glide through the expanse of time and events, trying to find a place to settle down and be happy — but never without experiencing a bumpy landing.

Gone with the Wind

There are good films, and then there are cinematic masterpieces. Gone with the Wind undoubtedly belongs to the latter category. A tale of a strong-willed woman coping with near-insurmountable challenges, you can find something new and intriguing here every time you watch it.

Fried Green Tomatoes

A heart-warming and penetrating story which will leave its mark on you. Here, the monotony of the everyday intertwines with a kind of delight and wonder hidden just below the surface of events. You will enjoy every moment of this movie — we guarantee it.

The Reader

’The Reader’ is among that small group of movies which you watch in a state of genuine emotion. Personal drama is masterfully weaved into a narrative depicting the problems which confronted whole societies after the Second World War. You see how the fate of millions through the lives of a small number of people. Kate Winslet is, as usual, astounding.


With its troupe of talented actors and powerful soundtrack, ’Atonement’ tells a story of love and hatred, passion and personal ruin, desire and hope, companionship and betrayal. You might not notice it at first, but this is the kind of movie which leaves an indelible mark on you somewhere inside.


Cracks are the small fractures which form on the initially smooth surface of our consciousness, appearing in increasing number as life takes its toll. Sometimes they stay with us forever; on other occasions they thicken and deepen, completely shattering our hearts, our souls, and our lives. This movie is about the latter kind of fateful, life-changing event. Its creators reveal the inner world of women which is normally hidden from outsiders’ eyes — full of expectations, secrets, and desires.

White Oleander

You might stumble across ’White Oleander’ completely by accident, but when you do, it quickly becomes impossible to tear your eyes from the screen; its atmosphere is just so intoxicating. All the relationships between characters in the film are strained, but it’s the interaction of mother and daughter which really stands out — the extremes of their relationship make for captivating viewing.

All About My Mother

With this movie, Pedro Almodóvar provides us with a glimpse of his own unique view of the world, and especially his relationship with women, whom he films in a way which is quiet unlike any other director. And indeed, every female performance in this film is outstanding; the characters simply charm you with their sincerity and naivety.


A movie which makes you think as much as it makes you smile with delight. The interaction of the characters, the thought-provoking dialogue, and the almost palpable emotion have the effect of making you want to reach out to everyone around you. This drama about four people hungering for love reminds us that each and every one of us is a wonderfully complex human being.
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