59th Grammy Awards 2017: A Complete List Of Winners


59th Grammy Awards 2017: A Complete List Of Winners.

59th Grammy Awards 2017 held at Los Angeles and broadcasted by CBS network. It is one of the biggest annual award ceremonies which is conducted for the field of Music. A lot of remembrances play a significant role in the induction of the best performances. Adele made the history with her most heart touching song “Helo.” She won the stage and ripped with an excellent performance.

Chance The Rapper- Best New Artist, 25- Album of the Year (Adele), Hello- Record of the Year (Adele)

Let’s find out more about the 59th Grammy Awards 2017!

Queen of the show made the new history with her eloquent speech in the mid of the ceremony.

59th Grammy Awards 2017: A Complete List Of Winners

A tribute to David Bowie who founded the way back to celebrate the struggles of the artists.

Something most interesting which lured the million of the people across the globe.

Best entry in the show, you will never forget them for a long time.

Hello- Record of the year by Adele won the hearts of the people.

Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, also got freak over the milestone performances in the 59th Grammy Awards 2017.

Prince got more attention with his splendid performance and won the hearts of the audience.

Lemonade became the best art of Beyonce in the Grammy Awards 2017.

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