‘Chai Wala’ Is No More ‘Chai Wala’


‘Chai Wala’ Is No More ‘Chai Wala’

There are very rare people who become the celebrity in a short time. These people are called the emerging stars who by their fair complexion beats every one of the past. Today, we’ll talk about the man who went viral on social media due to his lovely blue eyes and relaxing, clean look like a ‘Chai Wala’ namely tea seller.

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'Chai Wala' Is No More 'Chai Wala'

This young man went viral on social media when a photographer Javeria Ali captured his photo in Islamabad “Itwaar Bazar.” She posted this photo on Instagram as ‘Chai Wala, about ‘ and within the short time, this young man became a celebrity by his blue coloured eyes and dashing outlook. This brave boy is Arshad Khan who lives in Islamabad.

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A most watching TV channel take his interview in which he told about him is family background. He is also a fan of Bollywood stars. He loves to watch movies of Bollywood big names. Arshad Khan has become famous in India too as Indian are also talking about this ‘Chai Wala’.

This ‘Chai Wala’ man is doing differently as in Faisalabad a store posted banner by the name of Arshad Khan as ” Chai Wala is no more Chai Wala”.

'Chai Wala' Is No More 'Chai Wala'

Arshad Khan lures more customers especially girls after such hotline on social media. These girls really want to watch nearby this blue-eyed and dashing man. Arshad Khan has become an identity of his area as he known as the celebrity within theshort time. He is a young hardworking man who loves to become a hero . He is now the viral man due to his charming personality.

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