Watch Video: Nia Sharma Shared The Glimpse Of Twisted 2 Which Will Leave You Impatient For It


Nia Sharma has been a talk of the town for many reasons like for her bold fashion choices and her most talked about Vikram Bhatt’s web series-Twisted 2. Previously we shared Nia’s Twisted 2 look in which she was slaying it.  On 25th April, the first episode of much awaited Twisted 2 will be surfaced on internet. Before that Nia Sharma shared some glimpse of it which will surely leave you impatient. Watch the videos below:

Talking about her character in int he second installment, Nia said that, “I can’t thank Vikram enough for how he has etched my character and it is one level up in Twisted 2. There is so much thought that has gone into the character. I understant, people call it a grey character. But how I perceive it as she is a very strong woman and can take on the world. She is also a girl who has a back story. Behind every beautiful face, behind every lipstick and best makeup, there’s a simple girl. She’s that.”

On being asked does she missing working on TV, to which she said, “I miss the money part of it. TV gives you a lot of money. But it gets tiresome after a point. I have had my fair share. I have enjoyed it well enough. You have to shoot for long hours under difficult conditions sometimes. I had started working in them when I was 21. I have literally grown up on the sets”.

She also added that now she don’t get offers for the role of protagonist anymore. “I don’t get offered saas-bahu roles anymore. Even if there are offers, they are negative roles. Now that’s something I would not like to do. I want to sign on as a protagonist in a different kind of role,” Nia added.

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